EISA CAR: Civic and voter education

2015 Civic and voter education capacity building workshop

Civil society capacity building workshop

March 2015

EISA CAR organized a 3-day workshop (from 11 to 13 March 2015) to the Ledger Hotel Plaza in Bangui(CAR). The workshop theme was: "Capacity building workshop for facilitators in civic and voter education" and attracted 54 participants, including 20 women.

The main objective of the workshop was to strengthen the capacity of some organizations of the Civil Society in civic and voter education in order to promote full and effective participation in various phases of the electoral process.

The specific objectives of the workshop were:

2015 Civic and voter education capacity building workshop
  • Develop synergies to share available resources and thus to be more effective;
  • actively engage and strengthen the role of CSOs in raising awareness of citizens and their values education for peace and social cohesion;
  • get involved in raising awareness of the registration of voters, from the beginning of the operation to promote participation of citizens in electoral process; and
  • undertake election observation over the long term by following all the electoral cycle activities.

The workshop was a success because it was the first event for NGOs involved in civic and voter education since 2015 Civic and voter education capacity building workshopthe beginning of transition. As such, the workshop was attended by representatives of UNDP, the MINUSCA, EU, ECCAS and the AU. The vice president of ANE (the Electoral Commission) made a speech at the opening ceremony of the workshop.