EISA Central African Republic: Deployment of citizen Short Term Observers

EISA received additional funding from the French Embassy, above that from the European Union, which allowed an increase in the number of Short Term Observers (STOs) from 1000 to 1500, to be trained from 15 December 2020. French Embassy support also provided for additional laptops needed to set up an efficient election situation room and to conduct a Parallel Vote count (PVT) on election day.

However, the rapid deterioration in security across the country made much of this impossible, and in the end only 499 STOs were deployed (42.3% women) in Bangui and its periphery (Bimbo and Bégoua) This meant that no PVT could be conducted since a nation-wide representative sample of election results on election day could not be obtained.

Nevertheless, a situation room was set up to collating data and undertaking statistical analysis. A political unit, based at the Galaxy Complex in Bangui from 26-28 December 2020, monitored the environment and the development of events and issued statements.

Statements issued