EISA Central African Republic: Recruitment, training and deployment of citizen Long Term Observers

Pre-election context

EISA and its CSO partners selected and trained 499 Short Term Observers (STOs) of which 42.26% were women for the first round of elections on December 27, 2020. These STOs were trained by the EISA team and facilitators from EISA's CSO partners in 4 workshops held concurrently on December 26, 2020 in Bangui.

Observer recruitment

In consultation with partners, criteria for the identification of observers was agreed on. Thereafter EISA supported partners in recruiting 121 Long Term Observers (LTOs), drawn from these organisations, of whom 44% were women. Following the recruitment EISA assisted partners in training the observers.

Train the trainer workshop
Train the trainer workshop

A Train the Trainer workshop was held from 21 to 25 September 2020 in Bangui, where 17 trainers, including six women (35,25%) were trained. The training included facilitation skills, the election procedure, the legal framework, role and responsibilities of LT0s, and reporting requirements. Based on this training, EISA supported the trainers in updating the presentations to be used during LTOs workshops.

Training of citizen LTOs

These trainers were then supported in cascading the training to their recruited observers. Training took place in Bangui from October 8 to 9, 2020 for LTOs from Bangui and its periphery and from 13 to 14 October 2020 for the remaining LTOs throughout the country. Four training sessions were conducted by the trainers from CSO partners with the support of EISA. One hundred and eleven LTOs, including 34 women (30,6%) were trained and deployed out of the 150 LTOs expected covering five regions, 13 prefectures and 58 sub prefectures.

REC citizen Long Term Observers

Training could not take place in the Eastern part of the country where the training team en route to conduct the training were turned away by armed groups operating in the region. This training will be rescheduled when domestic flights are available to avoid a similar situation.

Deployment of LTOs

The citizen EOM was launched on 16 Oct 2020. With EISA's support a deployment plan was developed where the LTOs were deployed in their respective areas, prefectures and sub-prefectures. These were based in 13 prefectures and 58 sub prefectures to observe voter registration and the logistical operations leading to election day on 27 December 2020. Due to the unreliability of the Internet in CAR, observers could not use EISA's Popola system of data capture but was forced to capture data manually.

Report on voter registration and the voter's roll

Rapport sur du fichier électoral et des cartes d'électeur, 1 juin - 15 décembre 2020.