2022 African election calendar

Updated March 2021

Country Election Date
Angola Presidential, National Assembly & local Due Aug 2022
Chad National Assembly Due Sep 2022
Comoros Island Assemblies Due 2022
Djibouti Presidential, Regional Assemblies and Communal Due 2022
Equatorial Guinea House of Representatives, Senate & local Due 2022
The Gambia National Assembly and local Due 22 May 2022
Kenya President, National Assembly, Senate, County Assemblies and local Due 9 Aug 2022
Lesotho National Assembly & local Due Late 2022
Libya President & Parliamentary 24 January 2022
Mali Presidential, National Assembly (first round) Due 22 February 2022
Mauritius Rodrigues Regional Assembly Due 2022
Republic of the Congo National Assembly Due Jul 2022
Sao Tome and Principe National Assembly Due 10 Jan 2022
Senegal Local 22 Jan 2022
National Assembly Due Jul 2022
Sierra Leone Local Due 2022
Somaliland (autonomous) Presidential Due 13 Nov 2022
Sudan Presidential, CS, National Assembly, State Legislatures, State Governors, local Due Dec 2022
Tunisia Municipal Due 2022