EISA Burundi: Civic & voter education


EISA Civic Education workshop 2005
Workshop on Civic Education

Approximately 50 people were trained by EISA in a bid to strengthen Burundian CSOs in the context of the electoral process. Those who attended the training session in Bujumbura trained others in the provinces, communes and zones. The ultimate goal of this training was to enable Burundians to participate efficiently in the electoral process when they choose leaders and political parties.

EISA Burundi workshop 2005


In consultation with local civil society organisations, and in particular, working closely with the Coalition of Civil Society Organisations for the Monitoring of Elections (COSOME), EISA Burundi identified appropriate participants to attend a Train-the-Trainer programme.

EISA head office designed the training material in consultation with COSOME. The training was conducted by EISA's programme officer. The material was translated into French prior to being used for training by a participatory interactive methodology. The manual included a large set of posters and pamphlets in French and Kirundi. In all 62 trainers attended the workshop held on 16-18 February.

With EISA's assistance the civil society trainers conducted a cuntrywide second level training following which 640 observers were deployed on referendum day. The EISA Burundi staff members travelled with COSOME staff to the provinces to evaluate the conditions in which civic education sessions had taken place, met trainers and local authorities to hear their views and collecting data on the prevailing conditions.

The office then published a report in French summarising the findings and difficulties encountered in the field. It also revealed the interest of the public in the civic education sessions with most trainers indicating that they wished they could have started the training earlier as the response was so positive.

EISA produced also two series of 4000 copies of a short booklet containing the main information from the electoral manuals in Kirundi.