International and regional benchmarks for the conduct and monitoring of elections

See also: EPP past activities: Development, adoption and promotion of election principles and guidelines

Global benchmark

The Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation and Code of Conduct for International Observers, endorsed by 40 intergovernmental and international nongovernmental organizations on 27 October 2005.
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African Union benchmarks

1. OAU/AU Declaration on the Principles Governing Democratic Elections in Africa, African Union, 2002.
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2. The African Charter on Democracy, Election and Governance, adopted by African Union on 30 January 2007.
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3. Guidelines for African Union Election Observation and Monitoring Missions.
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4. Guidelines on Access to Information and Elections in Africa
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East African Community benchmark

EAC Principles for Election Observation and Evaluation (Guidelines for EAC Election Observation Missions; Code of Conduct for Election Observers), November 2012, Arusha.

Economic Community of West African States benchmark

Protocol A/SP1/12/01 on Democracy and Good Governance Supplementary to the Protocol relating to the Mechanism For Conflict Prevention, Management, Resolution, Peacekeeping and Security, Dakar, December 2001
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International Conference on the Great Lakes Region benchmark

Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance, 1st December 2006.
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Southern African Development Community benchmarks

1. SADC Principles And Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections [Revised, 2015], Adopted by the Ministerial Committee of the Organ (MCO) on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation on 20 July 2015 Pretoria.
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2. SADC Protocol on Gender and Development, Johannesburg, 17 August 2008.
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3. SADC Parliamentary Forum Norms and Standards for Elections in the SADC Region [PDF document]. Adopted by the SADC Parliamentary Forum Plenary Assembly on 25 March 2001, Windhoek, Namibia.