EISA Angola: Citizen observation


Citizen election observation

Initially, EISA trained 100 long-term observers who were seconded to the Platform to coordinate Citizen Election Observation. With the uncertainty surrounding the election data, the platform requested EISA to facilitate training of more mong-term observers. EISA therefore implemented a train-the trainer approach and equipped 46 more observers with skills to train others. The Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) also invited EISA to train 60 observers to be sent to the prince of Kuanza-Sul. This has allowed the Platform to deploy more than 500 observers to monitor the voter registration.

Civil Society Electoral Platform support

Once the Electoral Platform was successfully constituted (see EISA Agola: Support to civil society organisation), EISA provided technical support to ensure its independent functioning and to ensure its effective long-term functioning, EISA partnered with other international groups, such as the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the Open Society, to assist and support this newly-created entity.

On a structural level, EISA has helped to mobilise Angolan civil society in order for them to make a credible contribution to the electoral process. The electoral Platform has since been a strong, unified, authoritative CS voice, analysing and monitoring the electoral process.

One of the Electoral Platform's major achievements was the successful deployment of 500 observers to monitor voter registration throughout the country.


Citizen election observation

EISA has trained 100 long-term observers who will be deployed soon after the dates of voter registration are announced. The 100 long-term observers, five per province, will observe the three phases of the electoral process in the 18 provinces, covering the whole country. The observer group will work under the Platform Coordination, and EISA will continue to provide technical support, as it is the first time that such an initiative is utilised in the country.